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LEMA Oil 10ml
Developed in-house, by our own R&D team, LEMA® oil is our proprietary, patented and highly synergistic blend of the most active concentrated portions of both Mānuka and Tea Tree essential oils. 

The process we used concentrates the most active components of both oils via a controlled natural non-chemical distillation. The concentrates are then subsequently formulated accordingly to our microbiologists’ test results to produce a synergistic oil of more potent and active properties than the sum of the two individual oils on their own.

This product provides the optimal efficacy to protect your skin against a broad spectrum of bacteria that commonly cause skin infections. 

Guaranteed active MβTK™ content

Mānuka Oil is naturally rich in β-triketones. 

What are β-triketones? They are a group of organic compounds, with high antibacterial properties and are beneficial against harmful bacteria that live on the skin's surface.

LEMA® oil contains Mānuka Oil MβTK™ 40+ which delivers guaranteed active β-triketones content of 40% or greater. 


Our LEMA® oil formulation is one of our most active concentrates. In the prevention of acne, it is proven to be 12x more potent than Tea Tree oil alone. Known for its soothing properties, this essential oil is very gentle and ideal for delicate or sensitive skin.

Anti-acne – For those who suffer from acne outbreaks on the face and body. 

How to use:

To help relieve the affected area, dip a cotton bud in LEMA® oil and gently dab directly onto skin

For daily cleansing, morning and night, apply a few drops of LEMA® oil to your regular face cleanser, and use as directed. 

We care about your SAFETY, please check our guidelines carefully before use.

Size 10ml

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